James Dick is a Brooklyn based Visual FX artist and freelance event photographer.


I have spent the better part of the past 10 years working for oscar-award-winning VFX house, Framestore, where I am currently employed as a Visual FX Supervisor and CG lead. I also specialize in, and head up our character rigging department while still trying to keep my hands dirty with a bit of texturing, look development, and lighting. Be it managing a team, scripting a new module into our rigging system, pushing lights around in a scene, or running about for 15 hours on set, I am enamored by the diverse and artistically challenging world of VFX. 

In contrast to the weeks of painstaking work that goes into each CG asset, I love creating instantaneous beauty with a camera. For the past 6 years I have been keeping busy as a Freelance photographer, primarily specializing in conferences and events. With the highly trained eye and client-facing skills I've acquired in vfx, photography dovetails beautifully with my day job.

In case I may not be keeping busy enough, I have also been an Instructor at the School of Visual Arts since 2010, teaching the Senior Thesis Production Skills course in their VFX and Computer Animation department.